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Look! Another Late Liebster!

I was reading through some of JD's posts over at Amateur Azerothian, and was surprised to see that he had nominated me for a Liebster Award. Neato! What is a Liebster Award? It's pretty much a way for bloggers to get to know other bloggers, much like the Sixth Meme. The one going around right now has a few rules centering around the number eleven.

  • Tell 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  • Choose 11 bloggers to nominate.
  • Write 11 questions for those bloggers to answer.

Let's jump right into it!

JD's 11 Questions:

1) Presume you blogged regardless. If it wasn't World of Warcraft/MMO’s, what would your blog be about?

I'd probably blog about something baby-related. I thought about starting a baby-related blog right before my daughter was born, but scrapped that idea figuring that I just wouldn't have the time. I was right!

2) Out of all the Caverns of Time, which one do you enjoy the most? The least?

Ugh, this is a toughy. The Caverns of Time instances were never on my favorite list. Mostly because of the waiting involved between spawns and the event-style nature of them (once you start you have to continue and follow along at a set pace). The newer instances didn't follow that structure so much, so I guess I'd say that End Time was the most enjoyable for me. I love the last boss fight in there - especially as a healer. As for the least enjoyable - Hyjal. I don't think this requires further explanation.

 3) Is there a class in WoW you just can’t bring yourself to like?


4)  Are you a board gamer, or a pen & paper gamer…or just video games?

 Mostly just video games, although I do enjoy playing the occasional board and card games with my family.

5) What would you like to see Blizzard grant the Warcraft license to?

A restaurant. First thing I'd do is order up a big juicy Tauren burger with fries.

6) What racial leader would you follow into battle, no questions asked?

GARROSH! Haha, just kidding. I wouldn't follow any of them into battle without a VERY good reason for it. Actually I think the ONLY reason I'd follow anyone into battle would be to protect the ones I love.

7) Many people point to Wrath as the pinnacle of the game. If you were introducing someone to WoW for the first time, what would you show them outside of that expansion?

Well, my favorite WoW era was during The Burning Crusade, but that content isn't exactly relevant any more...I guess I'd try to show them a bit of everything.

8) What’s your proudest WoW moment?

This is not going to sound very fantastic now, but when it happened I felt AWESOME! Ok, here goes: I was healing a Kara run on my vastly undergeared undead priest along side an excellent shaman healer. I was pretty new to the healing role, and had basically been carried more or less up until we reached Illhoof. Somehow toward the beginning of the fight almost half of the raid wiped, including Mr. star shaman healer and one of the tanks. On vent all I could hear were mumblings of "wipe", but those of us left alive weren't about to give up. My husband (who I hadn't actually met yet) solo tanked while I solo healed the rest of the fight (which took FOREVER due to most of the dps being dead). I used everything at my disposal to conserve mana, while deciding who needed which heals, and somehow we survived and defeated him! That was like seven years ago now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

9) Gold: Rich beyond words, enough to get by comfortably, or always needing to generate it for repairs?

Enough to get by comfortably for sure. I go through these phases where I play the auction house and save up a small fortune, then I blow a ton of it on mounts, pets and crafted gear for alts.

10) What about Hearthstone? Yes? No? Or the other common answer of “I hate this #&$^ game!” 

Yes, absolutely. I don't play it often, but when I do I always enjoy it - even when I'm loosing.

11) If World of Warcraft was gone when you wake up in the morning, what would be your fondest memory?

Meeting my husband for the first time in game. The first time we ever played together was in an Auchenai Crypts run with some mutual friends. I never thought in a million years that one day I'd be married to the person behind that prancing paladin on my screen.

11 Miscellaneous Facts About Me: 

1) My first pc game love affair was with Monkey Island.

2) I have a (not so secret now) crush on Nicholas Cage.

3) Everyone knows I love pugs. If it were feasible I'd have like 10 of them. What you may not know is that I also love Welsh Corgis! I love their stubby little legs and big ears! <3

4) In a few months I will finally be a full-time stay at home mom!

5) I've been to every U.S. state minus Alaska.

6) My biggest (possibly irrational) fear is spiders. Seriously, those things freak me out in a run out of the room, arms flailing kind of way.

7) I put hot sauce on everything.

8) It drives me nuts when I'm hungry and people post pictures of mouth-watering meals on twitter. Especially ones like this:

9) I'm a fairly skilled equestrian.

10) I'm not particularly fond of beaches. Mostly because of the sand.

11) My favorite class in college was Anthropology. I read the entire textbook (including the chapters that we didn't have to read), and gobbled it up like I was reading G.R.R.M..

11 MORE Questions:

For the questions I'm about to ask - they are posed to anyone who reads this and wants to join in on the fun. From the looks of it everyone on my blogroll has been tagged already because I'm so darned late, so TAG your all it! Heck, even those without a blog can go ahead and answer in the comments if you like (minus the first question). Have fun!

1) What post or series of posts on your blog are you most proud of and why?

2) If you could travel back in time (in the World of Warcraft) to relive part of the game for the very first time again -- when would that be?

3) What did you like best about the Mists of Pandaria expansion? The least?

4) What are you looking forward to the most in Warlords of Draenor?

5) We don't have many choices for underwater mounts in game. If you could add another, what would it be?

6) Have you ever pulled an all-night gaming session? What was the longest uninterrupted gaming session you've had?

7) If the entire World of Warcraft had a major meltdown over night (alien attack on headquarters perhaps?) and was gone for good, what would you do during that time when you would have otherwise been playing?

8) If you were offered the choice of immortality, but you had to choose between becoming a vampire or werewolf, which would you choose and why? (I'm talking Anne Rice style vamps NOT the sparkly Twilight kind.)

9) If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be and why?

10) Have you ever eaten tripe? If you have, how was it cooked and did you like it?

11) What is your idea of a perfect day?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria

Are you feeling the end of expansion blues? Looking for something different to do when you log in later? Perhaps you should check out some of the lesser known elites and rares around Pandaria. If you like vanity items your in for quite the treat, and with the new toybox feature coming in Warlords of Draenor these won't be taking up any bag space - yippie!!

So anywho, this post has been sizzling in the back of my brain since Mists of Pandaria first went live. Every time I would stumble across an interesting elite that dropped unique loot in the early weeks/months of MoP, I kept telling myself that I had to write up a post on them. Somehow other posts always got priority, but I have to say, I'm glad this one got pushed back because there were several notable elites and rares (even though they don't sport a silver dragon) stealthily added in some of the previous patches.

Most of these elites have very fast spawn timers; as in anywhere from instant to 20 minutes or so. A few of them however are actually rare, and can take several hours between spawns. I have more details below on each of their timers, and if there is nothing written next to a particular elite regarding spawn time then it is on a short timer.

A decently geared level 90 should be able to solo almost everything listed below. I can only speak from a hunter's perspective (I know, cheating class...yadda yadda), but I was able to take down everything (including G'nathus) by myself with an item level of 537.

Click map to Enlarge
The elites listed below are in order by zone level, starting with the lowest (Jade Forest) and moving to the highest (Dread Wastes). As I've stated in the past, mob names are the same color as you'll find them on the map above, and please click on the images to see a larger version. Enjoy!

Jade Forest

Lorbu Sadsummon & Fixxul Lonelyheart

These two warlocks are more or less the same mob from two different factions. They are both level 84 elites with approximately 542k hp with the same warlocky type abilities (shadowbolt & summoning a succubus).

Lorbuu (the gnome) spawns near the Horde starting area and can only be attacked by Horde players. The exact opposite holds true for Fixxul (a goblin) who spawns in a tent in the Twinspire Keep area.

Notable drop: Cracked Talisman

Martar the Not-So-Smart

Martar is a neutral elite that patrols in the wide open area north of The Arboretum.

When attacked he says: "No! Martar's treasure is Martar's!" Well, I wouldn't exactly call his loot "treasure"...

Martar has about a 30% chance to drop Martar's Magnifying Glass. When summoned as a companion Martar will remain level 86 with 184k hp.

The rest of his loot table has me wondering about this guy... Martar is the only mob in game that not only drops steamy romance novels, he actually seems to own the entire collection!

Sungraze Behemoth

Sungraze Behemoth is a level 86 neutral mushan.

It's a little hard to tell exactly where this guy is by looking at a map because he's practically in three different zones. When you head over the bridge from The Jade Forest into Valley of the Four Winds, take an immediate right and keep following the river north. You'll find him snoozing on the Murky Bank, just below The Veiled Stair.

He has a 100% chance to drop Oddly-Shaped Horn, which allows you to ride a ginormous mushan (unfortunately only three times).

Using the Oddly-Shaped Horn
Krasarang Wilds


Feverbite is not a mob that you'll likely run into while wandering around the dense forest of Krasarang. This is because this elite mob needs to be "summoned" in order to kill her.

In order to get her to spawn you'll need to kill a lot of level 1 Feverbite Hatchlings. These little spiders can be found in one area in the forest (18, 45). I estimate that I killed about 100 or so before she showed up for me. When enough are killed, she'll spawn in right smack in the middle of the clearing.

She has a 100% chance to drop Feverbite Egg Sack.

Using the Feverbite Egg Sack

Booms is a level 90 undead priest that is hostile toward both factions. You'll find him in the far south of Krasarang on a pirate ship just off the western coast of Unga Ingoo (the most southern isle).

When attacked he says: "Time to pay the toll!" This is in reference to the player this npc is named after. Long ago, in the Vanilla days of WoW, there was an undead priest named Booms who would mind control people at Menthil Harbor and force them to pay a toll to his Alliance alt in order to ride the ship.

This npc will mind control you if you have a pet out. Hunters, warlocks, all you pet peeps, just put that pet away for this fight.

He has a 100% chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods.

Although this guy is not a silver dragon, he still has quite the spawn timer on him. Technically he's more rare than the rare champions across Pandaria...

Kun-Lai Summit


Zhing is a neutral goat that patrols the flat area in the mountains northeast of Winter's Blossom. He's easy to spot because he has a whole posse of goats with him.

Zhing's companions will help him out when attacked, so be sure to take them out first in order to make the fight easier.

He has a 100% chance to drop Bag of Kafa Beans. This item allows you to ride a giant version of Zhing (unfortunately they are only three short rides).

Using Bag of Kafa Beans
Wild Onyx Serpent

His name says it all. This hostile level 90 wind serpent flies high (and very fast) above Mount Neverest.

In order to kill this guy your going to have to get his attention. My recommendation would be to stand on the mountain, wait for him to come by, and then hit him with a ranged attack. There is a nice flat spot that you can stand and reach him at 46.5, 52.9.

Alternatively you can also body pull him while on your flying mount, but be careful - he can stun and dismount you midair.

This guy now has a 100% chance to drop Serpent's Cache

Even though this mob doesn't sport a silver dragon, he is still technically "rare". His timer seems to be at least a couple of hours.

Waiting for the Serpent at 46.5, 52.9

Huggalon the Heart Watcher

I just love this mob, and so should you! This poor giant just wants a hug! <3

I first ran into this guy while questing a while back with my husband, and I have to say - I did a double take. Look at that huge pink bow on his head! I almost felt bad killing him.

Huggalon is a neutral level 92 elite giant with 4.2M hp. When we took him out on our leveling toons he seemed pretty tough. Coming back on a geared level 90 - well, let's just say the tables had turned.

Huggalon drops a neat vanity item called the B. F. F. Necklace. My hubby's toons all seem to have a permanent B.F.F. buff now. The buff lasts a whole 24 hours. ;)

Another interesting tidbit about this guy is that he seems to have gotten left out of Vault of Archavon. Earth, Fire, Wind and Water are represented in there - but why no Heart!? Yeah, I always thought Heart was kind of silly myself, but come on...he looks so sad! (I used to watch that show with a passion when I was a kiddo.)

You'll find Huggalon inside the Niuvao Catacombs. I've included a little map below of the catacombs layout. Huggalon is right where my character is standing in the screenshot. To see if he's up without going into the catacombs, just head to the middle of the island and to a /target huggalon. If it doesn't target him then he isn't up.

Huggalon spawns where my character is standing on the map

Scotty is a level 89 sprite with 1.6M hp. This little guy doesn't put up much of a fight, but holy moly - he's not an easy one to find. I can safely say that there's no way your going to run into him while doing dailies on Sra'Vess.

Scotty is VERY well hidden in a small alcove within the tree roots of the giant tree on the center of the island. To find the entrance to the alcove your going to want to find the mantid building located at 21.6, 46.7. If you are looking directly at the building, the entrance is a small opening between the tree roots above and behind the left side of the building. I highlighted the entrance in the screenshot below.

Scotty drops a neat transformation item called Scotty's Lucky Coin. This coin has three charges and will make you look just like Scotty. Unfortunately entering combat, mounting, etc. will pop you out of this form. On the plus side, using emotes while under the effect actually works unlike many other transformation items.

Entrance to Scotty's alcove. (Click to Enlarge)

G'nathus is a very large eel boss with 43M hp who patrols the waters north of Shan'ze Dao.

With a spawn timer of roughly 10 minutes or so, this guy is totally farmable, at least he is by hunters. I'm not sure about other classes, but I imagine warlocks could pull it off as well.

Simply have your pet tank him, and stay as far from him as possible to avoid his Arc Nova. Remember to keep your pet healed, but even if you forget it's not the end of the world. Pets don't seem to take a whole lot of damage from him. The most important thing to remember in your rotation is Misdirect. As long as your pet is tanking and your not getting hit by his aoe, he will die. It usually takes me about 6-7 minutes to kill him while doing about 120k dps. (I seriously wish I would have tried killing this guy sooner!)

He has a 100% chance to drop a very pretty looking battle pet that looks exactly like him: Spawn of G'nathus.

Dread Wastes


Pensong is a huge level 90 white yak that patrols a very small area on the hillside just west of Soggy's Gamble.

There really isn't anything special as far as fighting him is concerned. He should be pretty easy peasy for most.

This fellow drops a Tuft of Yak Fur, which lets you ride on a giant white yak (3 times).

I want a yak this big!

Gokk'lok is a level 91 clam with a whopping 16M hp that can be found on the sea floor west of Rikkitun Village.

When near Gokk'lok you will be granted with the Enchanted Essence buff, so you won't need to worry about coming up for air.

The fight with this clammy fellow is not particularly difficult, it just has the potential to last a while given his health pool. Adds will periodically show up to help him out, but I never found them overwhelming.

When killed, his giant pearl is immediately whisked away by sprites and you will auto-accept the quest:  Promises of Gold. The quest reward is a fun vanity item called Gokk'lok's Shell.

Gokk'lok's Shell
The Veiled Stair

Willy Wilder

"I've got a golden ticket, I've got a golden ticket!" Oh wait, that's from something else...

Willy Wilder is a level 90 non-elite rare that spawns near the Black Market Auction House. (He even sports a silver dragon!)

This guy is quite the riot to watch when he arrives. He'll walk right up next to you, bid on - and then apparently win an auction.

When he wins he blurts out "YES! Finally! I won a Brawler's Guild invite! Nobody can stop me now!". He'll then run all around the Auction House saying things like " I won a Brawler's Guild invitation just now! I'll surely be rank 8 by tonight! I sure hope I don't lose my ticket before I get there." and "Everyone look! I won a Brawler's Guild invite! I can't wait to try it out!". Ok, so I guess his loot is pretty obvious at this point. He has a 100% chance to drop a Blood-Soaked Invitation, so if your heading to the BMAH to snag one be sure to look around for this guy while your there.

His spawn timer is quite lengthy (well, at least for a rare in Pandaria). His timer seems to be about five hours right on the nose.

Along the Shorelines

Clawlord Kril'mandar <The Pinch King> and his Makrura Elite 

Clawlord Kril'mander is a summoned level 90 elite with approximately 3.1M hp.

In order to summon him you will need to put together a Clamshell Band from the shells of the six Makrura elites scattered across the shorelines of Pandaria. Each of their locations are marked in red on the above map.

When you kill one of these Makrura (it doesn't matter which one you kill first) you will receive it's corresponding shell, as well as a waterlogged Shado-Pan missive: Troubles From Without (for the full text click through the link to Wowhead). Each makrura has a 100% change to drop their shell.

They each have their own unique abilities, but all of them should be easily soloable by most (perhaps all) classes at level 90.

Once you have acquired all six shells, you can put them together to make the band which will summon the final boss. Clawlord Kril'mander can be summoned at the tiny island in Krasarang Wilds south of Domination Point (12.70, 81.7). You'll know that your in the right place when you see a large shell in the middle called "Kril'mandar's Emblem" (see screenshot below). Simply use the band in this location and he will appear. (Be sure that you are ready to kill him when you summon him, once summoned the band will be used up and you will not be able to summon him again.)

Summoning The Pinch King!
He has a 100% chance to drop Lobstmourne, a rather appropriate weapon for The Pinch King.

For anyone using npcscan, you can add all of these npcs using these macros below.

Elite Makrura:

/npcscan add 66937 Akkalar
/npcscan add 66932 Akkalou
/npcscan add 66935 Clamstok
/npcscan add 66934 Damlak
/npcscan add 66933 Kishak
/npcscan add 66938 Odd'nirok

Everything else:

/npcscan add 66281 Fixxul Lonelyheart
/npcscan add 66911 Lorbu Sadsummon
/npcscan add 65003 Martar the Not-So-Smart
/npcscan add 58895 Sungraze Behemoth
/npcscan add 68985 Booms
/npcscan add 66464 Zhing
/npcscan add 61848 Wild Onyx Serpent

/npcscan add 66900 Huggalon the Heart Watcher
/npcscan add 66162 Scotty
/npcscan add 66467 G'nathus
/npcscan add 66587 Pensong
/npcscan add 62767 Gokk'lok
/npcscan add 70126 Willy Wilder

Until next time, have fun everyone! ^-^

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ghostlands - aka Dr. Whitherlimb

Ghostlands, the low-level Horde (and particularly Blood Elf) leveling zone, has only a single rare that you may stumble across while leveling. That rare is the mad scientist Dr. Whitherlimb.

Dr. Whitherlimb is kind of an interesting rare. When initiating combat with him he will always quote one of these lines:

"It is very kind of you to donate your organs!"

"Be proud, your brain will be put to good use in one of my abominations."

"Excellent! Fresh parts!"

(Well I guess there's no secret as to what he's been up to in Ghostlands...)

Dr. Whitherlimb has some unique abilities in combat. He will throw a Monstrous Elixir on himself that increases his size, strength and heals him. Then there is the debuff that I try to get... Every few seconds he will throw Withering Poison on you, which will make your character super tiny! Classes with pets will easily match (or shrink below) the size of their pet, and the best part is that the debuff lasts a whole 10 minutes so you can be super cute n' little well after he's dead. Yay!

Back in the day (before heirlooms and facerolling everything while leveling) this guy used to be pretty tough. I'm guessing that these days he'd be tough for an ironman challenger, and maybe even someone caught by surprise, but beside that I would assume he's pretty easy now.

Under the effects of Withering Poison
He's got loot that is unique to him that is also worth mentioning. Banshee Rod, Ghoul Hammer and Abomination Cleaver can only be obtained from him.

This crazy doctor can be found patrolling through any one of the four ziggurats in the zone. The Howling Ziggurat and Bleeding Ziggurat are southwest of Tranquillen on either side of the Dead Scar, and the other two are located deep inside of Deatholme. I marked each of his spawn points on the map below. These days he seems to spawn pretty randomly between the four, and has a fairly short respawn timer.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hillsbrad Foothills Rare Spawns

Dustwing - Tamed
Dust be gone! This post had been sitting around for far too long. Between the wee little one, holiday orders for the newly opened etsy store and the holiday season in general, time has been sparse around these here parts.

So anywho, I created a new undead hunter a few months back to level through some of the horde zones post-cata. I finally took my time going through Hillsbrad Foothills, and I've gotta This zone is bursting at the seams with rares. There are a total of 24 of them currently. 14 of these rares are tamable by hunters, and 10 of them were added in patch 5.1. This means that the rest of you lowbie undead hunters have no excuse if you don't have a cool pet at this level range!

Let me start off by mentioning my favorite - Dustwing (pictured on the right). He's a level 22 white and yellow moth with a completely unique look. That's right, no other tamable moth in game looks just like this guy. You can find him on Purgation Isle in the southwestern part of the zone. Remember to look up when your looking for him, as he flies pretty high. Also be aware, there are some pretty fearsome worgen just below the area where he patrols.

The second pet that I just had to have when coming out here was Carcinak. Carcinak is a spikey deep sea crab that is dark green in color with some purple/pinkish details along his spine and claws. You can find this clickity clackity fellow where the green slime runs down and meets the sea just south of the Ruins of Southshore. You won't be able to tame another crab that looks like him until leveling up to 84 and finding the Mosstide Crabs in the Jade Forest.

Another one that I thought was a nice addition to the zone is Lopex, the dark grey/black fox. He can be hound hiding in a hollowed out tree stump behind Durnholde Keep. The only other tamable foxes with this exact color-scheme are in Alliance territory, Redridge Mountains to be exact.

I'm sure some people either love or hate seeing the addition of The Dark Prowler to this zone. This level 21 black lion seems to have joined with Pitch in an attempt to make the beloved Humar the Pridelord even less unique looking.

I'm not going to go over all of these rares - there's just too many for that. I've marked them all on the map below though. In the map legend the stars indicate the newest tamable rares added in patch 5.1.

Click map to Enlarge
I've got screenshots of them all below. They are in order not only by level, but also in the same order as on the map legend above. (As always, click on the images to see a larger version.)

Indigos, Alitus, Miasmiss & Creepthess
Little Bjorn, Scargil, The Dark Prowler, Dustwing & Lady Zephris
Ro'Bark, Weevil, Carcinak, Lopex & Araga
Chordix (Exotic), Cranky Benj, Craw the Ravager, Jimmy the Bleeder & Big Samras
Tamra Stormpike, Gravis Slipknot, Lo'Grosh, Skhowl & Maggarrak
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these three macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 47010 Indigos
/npcscan add 50335 Alitus
/npcscan add 50763 Miasmiss
/npcscan add 14279 Creepthess
You will be mine!!
/npcscan add 50929 Little Bjorn
/npcscan add 14276 Scargil
/npcscan add 50818 The Dark prowler
/npcscan add 50858 Dustwing

/npcscan add 14277 Lady Zephris
/npcscan add 14278 Ro'Bark
/npcscan add 51057 Weevil
/npcscan add 50955 Carcinak
/npcscan add 51076 Lopex
/npcscan add 14222 Araga
/npcscan add 51022 Chordix
/npcscan add 14223 Cranky Benj

/npcscan add 50967 Craw the Ravager
/npcscan add 14281 Jimmy the Bleeder
/npcscan add 14280 Big Samras
/npcscan add 14275 Tamra Stormpike
/npcscan add 14221 Gravis Slipknot
/npcscan add 2453 Lo'Grosh
/npcscan add 2452 Skhowl
/npcscan add 2258 Maggarrak

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts on Warlords of Draenor, (War)crafts & The Future

Anyone who follows this blog has probably noticed that I kind of dropped off the radar recently, and for various reasons. The first is that my little girl, who was born this past April, is becoming increasingly mobile. That being said, I've been spending a lot less time around the computer. Apparently for me less computer time doesn't necessarily mean less WoW related time though. I've whipped out my clay and art supplies and have been working on some Warcraft themed art!

Then, as much as I love WoW, I hate to admit that I have been a little bored in game over the past few weeks/months, only logging on to level battle pets and finish my weekly Celestial Tournament. I have however, been spending more time playing Hearthstone, and I have to say - for a game I thought I'd have no interest in, it has me hooked!

Blizzcon 2013 & Warlords of Draenor Reaction:

Oh how I wish I could have gone to Blizzcon this year. So many wonderful members of the community meeting in one place, the energy, excitement, all of the eye-popping cosplay - let me tell you, I watched my twitter feed feverishly the whole weekend. Had teleporters existed, and I had a free and trustworthy babysitter fall from the sky, I would have been there in a heartbeat! Ah well, hopefully I'll catch the next one.

I'm sure most people weren't too shocked about the announcement for the next expansion with all of the rumors being tossed around the interwebs beforehand. It was a title that just felt right when I first read it, and I was hoping that it wasn't just a rumor. Personally, I can't wait for it. I haven't been this excited about a new xpac since Wrath of the Lich King. It will be so wonderful to see some new life brought back to this game. Maybe I can even talk the hubby into playing with me again!

On the Instant Level 90:

I have pretty mixed emotions on the insta-level 90 toon that we'll all be getting. I think that no matter how these toons get to start off, whether it be the whole Death-Knight style - learning skills a few at a time as you first progress or something else entirely, that level 90 dungeons are going to be messy, especially in LFG. I can just picture it now - the tank is all like "what does this button do?" as a pack of pissed off whatchamacallits are all nom noming on the healer's face, while two of the three dps are off in some other room pulling everything and the remaining dps is picking their nose while watching it all.

I am pleased with the fact that I'll be able to play with my friends on another realm straight off the bat though. I'm thinking that because I already have several 90's on my Alliance server, that I'll most likely end up using my insta-90 to make a Horde toon on Thrall to play with the lovely folks of Trauma II. As for which class/race I'll choose - that's still up in the air. I'll probably end up choosing something that can heal & dps, which has always been my preferred way to play.

Some changes I'm looking forward to:

Character model updates. This this this! I can't wait to see what my Night Elf hunter is going to look like. Boxy hands, and well, everything, was getting pretty old. I'm looking forward to seeing my little gnomes not look like actual boxes any more too. :)

Hunter weapon sound changes. Need I say more? Maybe I'll actually want to use a gun now if it looks nice.

Garrisons. If I spend half as much time working on my Garrison as I did my farm, I'll be there a lot. I haven't read a whole lot into them yet, but from what I have so far - they look awesome.

More unstructured content similar to that on the Timeless Isle. When I had more time to play I didn't mind dailies so much. Now that I have a kiddo in the picture, I very much mind dailies. The little bit of time I do have to log in I want to use to just have fun. The Timeless Isle has allowed me to do just that. Bring on more content like this Blizz, woot!

(War)Crafts or: What I've been spending my time on recently:

For those who read my blog and also follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen a few of the projects I've been working on. I tend to get so excited when I'm almost finished with one that I just tweet to the world what I've done so far before it's even finished. I also snuck in a new page on this blog called "Crafts of War", which has a small version of my etsy shop on it, and will always show my most recent additions.

So yeah, I've been doing some real life jewelcrafting and making a bunch of neat little miniature sculptures. Everything I've done so far is WoW related, and I've been really enjoying myself putting everything together. Until now, I had just been stocking up my store, and didn't want to point it out until I had a few items up. Well, I have a few up now and I have a lot more items in the works. Which brings me to thinking about future plans for this blog...

Where this blog is headed:

I have no plans on abandoning this blog any time soon if that is what you were expecting. I actually have a lot of half-finished posts I've been meaning to work on for what seems like forever. One of those you'll probably see within the next couple of weeks, however don't be surprised if the time between posts starts lengthening out. If I had nothing else going on, there's nothing I would enjoy more than sitting down and writing about rares and other miscellaneous WoW topics, but that just isn't the case. I don't know if my posts regarding the next chapter of WoW will be as in depth as they have this past expansion, but I'll certainly try my hardest to keep them up to the same level no matter what happens.

Until next time, stay safe all of you here in the U.S. during the holiday season coming up. <3

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Neverending Spritewood & Scary Sprites

I'm sure by now that most of this post will probably be old news, but hopefully some of you will find some tips I'll be sharing useful in snagging yourself a Dandelion Frolicker pet sooner rather than later.

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is the tree just east of Old Pi'Jiu with the Nice Sprites frolicking merrily around its base. See those purple crystals in the shot? Those are Neverending Spritewood Crystals. There are four of them - all are pictured in the screenshot below. I am showing you all four in one shot so that you can see exactly where each spawns from one vantage point. They cannot and will not spawn in at the same time. 

Spawn Time:

On the ptr, and when patch 5.4 went live, the spawn time on the crystals was about an hour. It has since been stealthily changed to about 15 minutes. Which crystal will spawn in next is completely random.

The Crystal "Daily":

You can only interact with the Neverending Spritewood Crystal once per day, per toon. Once you have completed the event, you can see the crystal when it spawns in again, but you will not be able to interact with it. Those of you with more than one level 90 can farm for this pet on multiple toons. I've been farming it daily on three toons myself.

The Fight:

Ok, so the basics are this. Once you interact with the Neverending Spritewood you will immediately receive the Crystal Breaker debuff. This debuff only lasts one minute and makes the sprites aggressive toward you. The aggressive sprites that you aggro will toss Sticky Sap on you through the entire event. This debuff stacks, making gathering them quickly (or fleeing) a little more difficult.

Starting the event by becoming a Crystal Monster! RAWR!
The nice sprites will turn into one of two types of sprites when they attack you. Most of them will become little blue Angry Sprites, but if your lucky several will become larger bright green Scary Sprites. Scary Sprites are the mobs that can drop the adorable Dandelion Frolicker pet. The pet itself has a fairly low chance to drop chance.

Scary Sprite pictured on the right
From my experience so far, it seems that the more sprites you kill, the better chance you will have of getting a Scary Sprite to spawn. Granted it is random though. I've had massive pulls before with only one or two Scary Sprites. I've also had smaller pulls yielding far more Scary Sprites. (When I say this, I do mean after the hotfix on Oct. 9: "Scary Sprite now deals 40% less damage and should spawn slightly more frequently.")

Angry Sprites each have 196k health, and Scary Sprites have 393k. Any sprites not dead after the minute is up and the debuff wears off will turn friendly and run away. The sprites each hit for roughly 5 - 7k, and of course double that when they crit. If you pick up a lot of sprites this damage will add up very quickly. I have watched far too many people pull half the sprites at once only to get eaten alive and die just seconds later. Having some damage mitigation and heals is highly recommended here. If your not sure how many you can take on at once, play it safe. Remember you only have one shot at the event each day per toon.

If you are serious about trying to get this pet, you are going to have to do as much aoe as possible while watching your health. Friends can come in very handy here. Although other players cannot help you kill the sprites, you can still be buffed and healed by them. You can also group with others doing the event and roll if the pet drops even though you were not the one to start it.

There are many many helpful items you can have ready to go for this fight that will increase your dps and survivability significantly. I try to have as many as I can before waiting for the crystal to spawn in each day. I usually average about 300k dps on each of my toons with all of the extra buffs.

Items I highly recommend using for this event:
  • Thick Pi'jiu Brew - This is my favorite item for this event. The amount of aoe damage this does is no less than AMAZING. The Spectral Brewmaster tends to do about 70-80% of the damage when I use my bear tank, and a good 40% - 50% or so on my hunter. Seriously, the dps this little helper does is just insane. Check out the screenshot below for some actual numbers. No matter how much dps you can lay out I still recommend having this item handy. You can get it from the Spectral Brewmaster mobs right nearby in Old Pi'Jiu. It should take no more than a couple of minutes to get one to drop. 

So far I have seen the pet drop twice. I've probably killed north of 300 Scary Sprites along the way. Hopefully the rest of you will have better luck in seeing it drop than I did, because that ends up being less than a 1% chance. Ouch!